Apartments for Rent at Agua de Yedra

They are located on Calle Cristo de la Yedra, next to the health and medical district, where the following hospitals are located: the Virgen de las Nieves hospital, the hospital of Traumatology, and the Maternity-Pediatrics hospital, as well as the Old Clinic. This neighborhood is highly requested by the staff working at these health centers.

Building: Cristo de la Yedra 6 adn 9


Apartments and flats with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. Newly built, replete with fine, detailed finishes. White marble floors, solid wooden doors, hermetically sealed windows and double glazing. Smooth white paint and wallpaper. Air conditioning in every room and a heat pump. Air extraction and renewal system.

Free Wi-Fi throughout the building. Possibility of renting a parking space in the same building as well as storage room. Passenger lift Central hot water. Maintenance service.

All the flats and apartments include service fees and hot water in their price.

History and Location

The homes on Calle Cristo de la Yedra, in the San Ildefonso neighbourhood, take their name from the old Cristo de la Yedra hermitage, which was lost many years ago.

On an historic site, on one of the abandoned estates, we rebuilt two formidable buildings that respect the best of Granadan architecture.

The patio made of rustic exposed brick, with its 17th century well in its center and its exuberant ivy growth on one side, gives this space a charming, privileged appeal.

The building in images

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