Flats for rent in San Juan de Dios Granada

Like most of our properties, this building is located in the heart of the historic center of Granada. Close to any place of interest: tourist, cultural and academic. Faculties, theaters, cinemas, restaurants…

Building: San Juan de Dios 12


The property consists of mostly exterior one-bedroom apartments, well-oriented and with plenty of natural light. All the apartments are in very good condition. The apartments have air conditioning and their own maintenance service to meet the needs of the tenants.

We have also provided the building with Wi-Fi and a capable, efficient maintenance service for its care. Marble floors, open plan kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

History and Location

The apartments at San Juan de Dios 12 just happen to be located on one of the most beautiful and lively streets in the entire city. It is an area steeped in history and impressive monuments. The Basilica of San Juan de Dios, one of the most beautiful temples in the city; the Hospital of San Rafael and the ancient Hospital of San Juan de Dios, with almost 500 years of history resting upon its pillars; residence halls; the Victoria Eugenia Royal Conservatory of Music; the Faculty of Law; the Faculty of Social Work and Political Science; the Science Campus… Calle San Juan de Dios gives life to one of the districts most shaped by the faculties of the University of Granada.

The building in images

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